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5 Ways to Recreate Your Wedding

Most women only get one wedding day but YEARS of anniversaries. The traditional anniversary gifts are paper, cotton and leather... so uncool. Give yourself the gift of another wedding with these fun ways to recreate your wedding.  It doesn't have to be tacky or even public. It can be for you and your husband to reminisce of the day it all started.  Think of the surprise he will get walking in to the house and seeing you as a bride once more. 

1. Dress in white and have your hair done

It's never a bad idea to buy a beautiful white dress that will give your hubby fresh eyes on his lovely bride.  A quick search on Pinterest will show you so many different fashions you will be able to say yes to the dress from the comfort of your own home.  Try to match styles with your wedding dress or if you had regrets before do it right this time.  If  you want to make it a little more intimate don't forget the matching garter for the wedding night 😉

Local beauty schools will usually do scalp treatments and an updo for under ten dollars and trust me it's the pampering every bride or wifey wants. Once kids, work and life get in the way, we often forget to pamper ourselves like we did when we were a bride. Now that you are married, you could even make it a couples date and get pedicures (after you assure him it doesn't include polish) and a couples massage! If you have a little girl, you could let her get her hair done with you.

2. Have a florist recreate your wedding bouquet

Bring a picture of that bouquet you carried with pride to a local florist and ask them to recreate it to hold one more time or display in a vase to bring back some of those wedding memories. Better yet send it to ecoflowers and see if they can make you a wood bouquet that will last forever! We are in love with these forever arrangements that you can use as a decoration and constant reminder of your wonderful, beautiful occasion. 

Has your style evolved over the years? This is the perfect occasion to make it exactly as you want it. Maybe the season wasn't right for the flowers you really wanted. Since you only need to recreate the bouquet this time, get what you want!

3. Write vows and read them in a special place

Did you write your vows the first time around? If not, here is your chance!  Take your vows and your man to the place you got married or engaged and agree to love each other at least one more year the way you loved each other the day you said "I Do". You could also write and frame new vows that are guided by years of marriage together as a great keepsake.

Since you have grown together so much as a couple, these vows can include how much you truly have grown to love and appreciate each other as only married couples can. If you have kids, why not invite them to tell you how much they love you and what their favorite moments with you are? Kids need to hear how much their parents love each other, so go ahead and gross them out!

4. Recreate a wedding photo

Check out this wedding photo recreate this couple did for their ten year anniversary! If you are close to where you originally got married, take a photo to show how love and marriage has changed that once so young couple for the better. Make a keepsake with your then and now pictures that you will always cherish. 

Ever notice that your pictures of you have diminished and your cute little babies' pictures are all that consume your timeline? Your kids and grandkids will want to see pictures of YOU when they were little. Take some bridals and engagements or save the date photos while you are at it!

5. Share cake and a first dance

Were you too worried about your dress to have cake shoved in your face?  Did your cake look beautiful but not taste the same? Buy a cake or bake one together that feeds two; smash it, feed it and enjoy that moment again when all eyes were on you.   What husband doesn't want to come home to delicious cake and a wife ready to play? Chase him around the house and have a REAL cake fight. Then once the crumbs settle, take to the floor and share a dance to your wedding song and talk about the years to come.

With each anniversary comes the celebration and promise of another year of love and growth with the person you call your best friend and love of your life.  If you need motivation to get fit for the dress again join us at a Runaway Bride 5k or do it virtually from the gym to earn your medal. Be the bride once more!

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