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Runaway Bride 5k

Thank you for taking the time to explore the option of being a sponsor for the Runaway Bride 5k!  We are excited to offer an opportunity for our runners that will mostly be brides, former brides or soon to be brides to meet local vendors that can suit their needs for their wedding or fun marriage experiences.  We are focusing on the fact that getting married should be fun! Sometimes the wedding can be cumbersome and draining and we want to bring the life back to these women and their men.  We will be advertising on most platforms and will be happy to include any sponsors we receive on our website, facebook page, and Instagram. This will be a great opportunity for targeted marketing for your brand and business!

This event is an experience for all to remember and be excited about. We would love to have your brand at the front of all that excitement.  When those that participated in the event remember the fun they had it will be associated with your company or product.  We have created multiple opportunities for you to support our run in different price brackets that can work with any of your marketing budgets.

We believe this run can be an opportunity to connect women and men alike to the local businesses that keep our county prospering.  We hope that you will share in the fun and join us to make this introductory year a success!



Runaway Bride 5k

1385 N Amiron Way Unit D